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Welcome to our website! We understand that meeting the nutrition requirements of pregnant, lactating mothers and children under 5 is a major global challenge. Shockingly, nearly half of all deaths in children under 5 are caused by undernutrition, resulting in the loss of approximately 3 million young lives each year. The nutritional status of children under 5 varies significantly, with ten regions accounting for 58% of all stunted children and five regions accounting for half of the children suffering from severe acute malnutrition in Tanzania. Unfortunately, all three forms of undernutrition are higher among children from the poorest quintile and boys than girls.

Poor nutrition in the first 1,000 days can lead to irreversible stunted growth

 Which is associated with impaired cognitive ability and reduced school and work performance. The habit of selling off nutritious foods instead of consuming it at home puts people, especially infants, at risk of malnutrition and its effects. Mothers and other caregivers often lack knowledge about the values of food they have at home. They do not know which foods are the glow, the go, and the grow foods and often feed their children just to satisfy their hunger without aiming for a balanced diet.

Information, tips and tricks to meet the nutritional Needs

Therefore, we believe that educating mothers and family members about complementary feeding is crucial. This involves giving breast milk along with solid foods to ensure the child gets a balanced diet. Our website is here to provide you with information, tips and tricks to meet the nutritional requirements of pregnant, lactating mothers and children under 5. We are committed to providing the necessary knowledge to improve the nutritional status of children globally.

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Let's step up as caregivers and leaders to fight malnutrition among children under five. By changing our perceptions and taking action, we can make a meaningful impact.


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